True love is dead.
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That age-old question almost everyone ask themselves.
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For Elsie (2011)

'For Elsie' is a short film Directed by David Winstone, Starring Blake Ritson, Eline Powell, Olegar Fedoro and Caroline Blakiston. 

Glenn is a disillusioned piano teacher, who once aspired to be a concert pianist. He is moving back to his parents house and is on the brink of giving up the piano for good when Kilov, a Russian gangster, offers him a unique opportunity: £10,000 if Glenn teaches his daughter Beethoven’s “Fur Elise”… in a day.

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Falling Slowly - Once: The Musical

performed by Arthur Darvil and Zrinka Cvitesic


The Kiss tribute to Gustav Klimt by Silverleaf Bookmarks

I so need a bookmark like this!

Canvas  by  andbamnan